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Events for singles

Adam and Naomi met at a Collaborative event and are now married!
Rachel and Josh met on a Collaborative sports team and are now married!
Holly and Nate met at a Collaborative event and are now married!
Ready to find someone awesome to spend your time with? Let us count the ways:
1) Meet up with our in-house matchmaker, Danielle, for coffee. She'll chat with you about the kind of person you're looking for so she can keep an eye out for a good match and possibly set you up with someone great! As a non-profit, we ask you to consider making a totally optional $36 donation to The Collaborative for this "service". Interested in learning more? Danielle was featured on an epsiode of Slate's podcast "Working" -- listen here. Ready to get set up? Make a "date" with Danielle
2) Join JMatchmaking, an online Jewish matchmaking site. Our very own staffer Danielle volunteers as a matchmaker on the site, and she'll personally work with you to find a great match. There are both free and paid memberships available.

3) Come to one of our singles events. From speed dating to special events, our only goal is to make these events fun and casual and NOT awkward. Check out the "coming up" column on the left to RSVP for the next event.