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Let My People Drink!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Aqua Vitae Institute
148 N 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Join The Collaborative at the Aqua Vitae Institute for a Passover Cocktail making class! Don't worry --- everything will be KFP (kosher for passover). 

Free Yourself From Oppression- As we talk about how the way bartenders balance cocktails is connected to the relationship between the bitter and sweet of life, and how Jewish drinking philosophy can change your life.

Make Dozens of Daiquiris- We'll start with simple and get more complex, teaching you recipes, and also how to make your own signature daiquiri, and then how to serve other people.

Become A Bartender- Master the "perfect Japanese shake," and make drinks with effortless cool, and rockstar confidence that will increase your skills when you go to a bar or make drinks with your friends.

About Aqua Vitae- 
"At Aqua Vitae Institute, we believe that alcohol is good! We celebrate the rich history and virtues of spirits and educate bartenders and consumers alike to respect the trade, perfect the craft, and drink with joy"

We are the first center dedicated to training and empowering both sides of the bar: The bartender and the guest. Aqua Vitae Institute prides itself on teaching people the Joy of Alcohol and on working with the most creative and inspiring people in the bar industry.
From Flair Maestros to Sommeliers and Brewing Masters, our instructors are some of the most specialized mixologists in the Philadelphia area. Many of the instructors at Aqua Vitae Institute are members of the United States Bartending Guild (USBG) and compete nationwide in bartending competitions.
More Information:

About Ori
Ori Geshury is the Vice President of the Aqua Vitae Institute, and has been involved in the food and beverage industry (the family business) since he was 10 years old. He is the author of the Aqua Vitae Institute textbook, and has helped train tens of thousands of bartenders. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, and Fox news. He has also contributed to Men's Health, CNN, Reader's Digest, Tales of The Cocktail, The Philadelphia Weekly, Signature 9, and dozens more. He has also designed drinks for numerous venues including Patron, Mole Street, North 3rd, and The Spruce Foundation.