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The Collaborative

The Staff

Click on a name below to read about the Collaborative staff.

The Collab team, from left: Dan Slipakoff, Molly Wernick, Danielle Selber and Tribe 12 Executive Director Ross Berkowitz

The Collaborative

The Collaborative is a program of the nonprofit organization Tribe 12. Our goal is to connect Jewish 20s & 30s in the Greater Philadelphia area with each other and with the greater community through unique social and cultural events.

The Collaborative is funded in part by The Jewish Federation of Philadelphia.

Our Mission

Whether you, your partner, or both of you identify as Jewish in any way.

Whether you are any combination of professional, artist, graduate student or undecided.

Whether you are single, in a couple, or anywhere in between.

Whether you are straight, queer or identify in your own manner.

Whether your clothes, hair, or skin are white, black, yellow or red.

The Collaborative is where YOUR Tribe meets. 


We Invite You

Check out the monthly calendar for a list of all of our events, many of which are free. All events are open to anyone who identifies as Jewish in any way, or just wants to hang out with those who do! No membership required - just show up to an event and say hello. See you there!